just follow these tips.

Well, my boyfriend broke up with me after 4 months and i was sad. but i just had this feeling that he would come back after i used some of my favorite tips...and the thing is...it worked!!!


1. always look your best around him, ALWAYS! wear your favorite clothes and shirts/jeans that really compliment you.
2. never ever cry in front of them, or look sad. that is a major turn off to them. (look happy)
3. if your around a group of guys and he is one of them, completely ignore him and only talk to the other guys. It will make him jelous and want you back.


4. Do Not~ say how much you want them back and write notes and stuff, because trust me, that makes it all worse.
5. do not make a scene in front of him. for example do not scream or hollar, or even get mad, because chances are, you will make y our self look bad and he will be embarressed.
hope these tips work for you!