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Cheating and Lying

I Have Cheated - Now What? :
Betrayal leads to cheating.

My boyfriend and I have been dating for four years. I found he had been sexting an ex and lied to me about himself and his qualities. I found out he did drugs and wasn,t a virgin. I should,ve drawn the line there. Two years later I found out he cheated on me while on vacation while he was under the influence. He claims all he did was kiss the stranger, but I,m sure more happened since they were ALONE in a room. After finding this all out through a friend, my feelings have changed. I lost all respect for him. I was the perfect girlfriend and he lied to me for several years about it and denied it when I confronted him. I finally got him to crack and he admitted it to me. I think all of this betrayal led to me cheating on him numerous times (4) to be exact. Two wrongs dont make a right, but it sure feels right in MY book. I don,t feel guilty and I feel happy while doing these dirty deeds. I just feel like I will never get even with him. He rocked my cradle when I was innocent and if it wern,t for him I would,ve still been a virgin. He was the worst boyfriend a naive girl could have. Now, me being an adult I guess I feel like he stole my innocence. He really put the wool over my eyes and blindsided me with a lot. Now, he hasn,t made any slip ups, but I still dont trust him. I think I will always have this resentment towards him. Ladies, or gentleman if your loved one cheated on you, I suggest you just leave. I can,t since I,m in too deep with him and we both have tattoos of each other,s names. So when the love spoils, don,t hesitate. Walk out before it,s too late. I f*cked up and should,ve been stronger and left his sorry *ss when he first f*cked up. So now my only alternative is to cheat. It helps me cope.

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Cheating and Lying > I Have Cheated - Now What?

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