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Don't just walk away

My boyfriend R* and I were together a little over 3 months and we were perfect together and we had everything in our relationship.. We did have some fights off and on but we always stuck together and worked them out.. One night I invited Ryan over and at first it was so sweet.. we were kissing, hugging and being so much inlove like we were.. Than we were sitting on the couch and I could tell that something was wrong... He said he isn't happy with me and he is not inlove with me.. Right there he dumped me right on the spot.. I asked to see him 2 days later. I kept calling him though and kept crying for him back.. That day I made him dinner, and brong him flowers.. it didn't work he just gave me all my stuff back and took me home.. At my house I just kept thinking about him. I couldn't eat, sleep or breath without him near.. It was so hard.. Today which is Aug.4th,2006 I walked to his house which is a hour walk from my house.. I stood outside his bedroom door and knocked until he answered..I felt so good about doing this. But we sat there and he told me he didnt want me back.. I cried.. but on Aug.25th we are going to get together and hang out and talk about us... which idk if it will work..

Advice-- Don't stop telling him how you feel. It could be the worse mistake.. Don't bug him though and keep calling until he calls you back. Try your hardest don't to call.. Get together with a friend or family member. It will get your mind off of him.. Also, if you must call, make it only once and don't cry.. Talk like your just friends and were never in love.. I know it's hard to do.. but trust me it's the best thing you can do.. I learned that I need to just let Ryan have space. let him think about it.. Yeah. We might not get together the end of Aug. but it's always worth that shot. I guess what you can say is that set a date with your x. that you want to get together and talk about you and him.. it will work.. and on that date.. idk just talk about you guys and what you have been up to the last couple of days since you to been apart.. it's worth a shot.. never give up on the person you love. it's not worth the tears.. fight for what you want.. and let that boy know you are willing to do anything for him..

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