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Should We Get Back Together? :
What should I do?

Okay, about a year ago I had alot of problems that I had to deal with, peers mostly. I was paranoid, atmost. Then I met this guy ,lets call him Tom, and he completely stuck with me. He had so many girls flirting with him but he ignored it.(We weren't dating.)
Then at the same time a guy asked me out when he had a girlfriend. I said no but the girlfriend was still convinced I liked him.
I told Tom about it and he told me not to worry about it because he knew him and he couldn't have been serious. I was such a B**** to the girlfriend though I didn't realize it. She soon turned plenty of people against me.So I felt alone and the only person I had from a day to day basis.
But soon he didn't last long when the guy who asked me out came up to him and told him I was leading them both on.Then that day he didn't talk to me, wouldn't look at me and he looked like he was crying.
I figured out what happened later and tryed to tell him I wasn't interested in the other guy and that I didn't do anything. But still he wouldn't listen and then he tried to do everything to get back at me.
Tom got a girlfriend and basically shoved her in my face, touched her places. He made me cry and then he kept making coments on how funny it was to see me cry. Then I got fed up and I stop trying to talk to him or explain.
Then finally one day Tom talks to me and says I cheated. And I tell him No i didn't!
He starts Crying and Crying. Dumps his girlfriend says he wants me back when I'm still fed up. Now this year he says the same things and he always looks at me. I mean I forgive him and all but still. Now I'm having these dreams about him. And I hear hes mad at me and that either him or the guy who asked me out wants to have sex with me and I'm seriously confused. I mean I've been attracted to loads of guys but not the kinda of attraction I have with Tom. But then again I don't want to want him anymore.

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