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Cheating and Lying

I Have Cheated - Now What? :
It happened to me ;(

my husband and i have been together since 2007 he moved to be near me when we first started dating then we got our own place and lived together for about a year and then we moved to be near his family and married in 2008 we have been married for almost a year now and he has kinda cheated three times... the first time was when he first moved to be with me he thought i was trying to get with an ex and he was there just to make my ex jealous... i understood we worked it out... the second time was with the phone company we have they have a "lounge" and you text people to get pics and stuff... we had the same phone and i picked up his one day... and received a text from one of those girls he said he just liked the pics... no i will admit i am not freaking beautiful like all the celebs... i have fat on my waist and i work at as a fast food manager so i hardly get to wear my hair down and makeup is pointless because of the heat in the restaurant... so i said fine dont do it again i should say this was like 6 months into our marriage and so that was my fault for telling him it was ok and let me tell you both of these situations i found out the hard way and had to work the truth out of him... well a few days ago he was acting like he did the other times just a little distant didnt kiss me the same and many more so i asked him falt out "r u cheating" he looked me in the eyes and said no... yesterday i logged into my computer and he had forgot to log out of a few of his accounts i read the emails and they just kept coming... so my husband has yet to "cheat" in "real life" but he has online and to me that is the same... so first time shame on you... second time shame on me but what about the third.... i love him sooo much i cant explain it... he is a very lucky man to have me... of anyone else who would go through what i am going through for the third time... it is hard and its gonna be a long road he is getting help now and i am gonna be there by his side no matter what through thickness and through thin... i made my vows and i meant them til death do we part... 20 years from now i hope our kids will look to us as the perfect couple but i will tell them noone is perfect we all make mistakes but how you deal with them is the decisions most people forget... i love my husband more today then i did yesterday and most would hate... this time he came out when i asked him the second time he couldnt lie any more and i am thankful for that...

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Cheating and Lying > I Have Cheated - Now What?

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