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Passionate without the kissing

You and your partner can still be passionate without kissing. Here are some tips.

1) Laying in bed, rest your hand on his chest and look up into his eyes.
2) Straddle your guy when you are laying in a bed etc. and hold his hands. Bring your hands up so his arms are stretched to as far as they will go. Then slowly move them down so they are straight, either side of him.
3) Straddle your guy and stroke his chest.
4) Laying in bed, rest your head on his chest and then turn your head so your ear is on his heart. Listen to it and smile at him.
5) When you and your guy are standing up and he is wearing a short sleeved top, slide your hands up the sleeves and stroke his muscles. He will feel very strong.
6) (For girls with long nails) Take off your guys shirt and stroke his back with your fingernails. It actually tickles if you do it slowly and only just touching his skin. It will send shivers (good) up his spine.
7) Sit on your guy's lap facing him and get up above him so his head is between your neck and breasts (collar bone area). Your head should be above his looking down on his head. Let him hold your sides, near your breasts, and he will probably pull you close to him.
8) Sit in the same position as above and rest your neck on his cheek and he will turn his head to kiss your neck.
9) At a party or nightclub, sit down with your guy. Get him to sit down first and then you sit down to rest your crossed legs over his lap. Let his stroke your leg and, in return, rub your palm along his collar bone to his shoulder.
10) When your guy is laying in a bed, take off your shirt and crawl across the bed and lay on top of him and rub your hands on his tummy and chest.
11) When you get back from a party, shopping etc. keep your shoes on and lay on the bed and stretch your legs above you and let your guy take your shoes off.
12) When you are in an elevator (alone, of course) push him against the wall and look him in the eyes. He will think you want a kiss. Bite your lip and turn around. Rest your back on him and he will kiss your neck or rest his chin on your shoulder.

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