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Anyone can say "I love you" online because it's words, and words are far easier to get across than real life actions. I can be superman online, and in real life I'm just a slender-framed young adult who has to make his way by courtesy and being... me. So.
1.) Don't exaggerate.
-You're who you are. What should you do, unless whoever you're speaking to knows you're blatantly joking, should be what you CAN do in real life. It's okay to stretch some things like what's available. You can also talk about what's there in the future, which gives someone an outlook on what to expect or want later, but don't lie a bit about who you are.
2.) Actions aren't just text. Everything I've typed to my girlfriend or texted is exactly, completely what I'd do if it were real life. If / when you meet, your partner will remember the online actions and think "Wait, this isn't what (s)he did online." Enough of those and you lose. But if you're honest, your partner gets two pluses at once; the going from good (actions) to great (real life) and a memory of your touch to go by until you're ready to be together.
3.) There are more ways than one to talk. Letters last as long as the ink and paper do. Phone chats are hard to lie over because everyone's voices have signs of truth and lies. If you meet on a website or chat room, consider branching into something private.
4.) Don't forget personal / family lives. I love Katie, sure, but even when she's with me, it's not 100% Katie, work, sleep / eat. If she has no idea ONLINE about my friends, family, and life goings, she won't know what to expect when here. This holds true for any possible relationship, so don't skip on this online.
5.) Cheating. It's tricky to avoid and consider because an online kiss is text; affection without touch. Is it really cheating to kiss another person by text? If you consider an online kiss with your lover a real kiss, then a kiss with another person is cheating. Do with other people what you'd do in real life, too, meaning hold back from what may please you online.
6.) Gifts. Photos, mailed gifts, exchanging memories on visits until you can be together... For example, Katie is wearing a ring that I haven't seen yet and won't until we get to see each other again. Just the same, I have a gift for her that will be exchanged on our next meeting... They never have to be expensive or grand, but they're a good idea.
7.) If you're over eighteen, you're legal to love anywhere. If you're an online minor, or trying to date a minor online, remember that eighteen for the BOTH of you is the magic age. Also remember to start working for a relationship BEFORE turning eighteen, because not having a penny to your name at that age does you no good.
8.) Families... are tricky. Some don't care, some support, some think the internet is full of stalkers and nothing else. Interracting with them is extremely scary, but the trick is to convince them that you are who you are, and that your lover would know if you were just some predator and have escaped to mommy's / daddy's arms, or disappeared. A good love means both you and your lover are online who you are offline, which means less trouble talking to the families.
9.) Learn the signs. Literally everyone has a sign that hints off how they feel. Assuming you both follow rule #2, both of you will be able to read the other like you should in real life and (hopefully) respond accordingly.

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