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Making Someone Jealous :
Give an EX a wake-up call-make them want you!

Here is some advice that comes from my experience and from listening and learning from others too. No matter if u r a girl or a guy, young or old, everyone should be willing to face or at least acknowledge that your relationship is in a different place after the break-up.
1. (Women Especially) Don't over analyze everything. Trust me, they wont care no matter what you say to hurt them or remind them of what you had UNTIL they miss you! If you give them a few weeks of complete silence..let me say it agin COMPLETE silence, they'll wonder why your aren't making a big huge ordeal out of your breakup. You have to be your own judge of how much time you need to lay low. Every relationship is different. Be careful not to stir things up to soon...they just run away careful not to wait to long because "out of sight eventually leads to out of mind," no matter how strong your love was.

2. You must be PATIENT. Make a plan, If you are like me and aren't naturally good at playing hardball, find someone you trust that is mature, like an ex's mother or father, friend etc.(make sure they DON'T expose u to your ex..) My ex's mom and I talk every so often, she updates me. You must be very careful not to use this person as your personal counselor though. Keep it fairly short and DON'T wear them out with questions. This will help you from going crazy. If you're like me you likely were use to knowing everything that happened in your ex's life. Sometimes it's too hard to have everything go can't quit "cold-turkey." Ween yourself from their daily activities. This will also keep "you" close to people that are close to your ex. If they favor you....u can bet sometime somewhere they will share their opionions with your ex.

3. I highly recommend ***** : ) I take it every night to sleep. Night time is when most people get off work, slow down and then....we start to think about the person we're missing. JUST GO TO SLEEP, you will feel different in the morning!

4. O.k. I'm not a advocate of lying, games etc. but if your ex needs a wake up call you have to do what you have to do. Once you do these things you can NEVER tell anyone you did them, not even your best friend. If you are a myspace kind of person..create a privite myspace page. Make it look like a HOT,successful and LOVING girl/guy is sending you comments. You're sending them to yourself so be careful, keep them simple and leave them wondering. I wouldn't recommend ever saying anything that would confirm that you ever "did" anything with this make believe person, but your ex's imagination will jump to ALL kinds of conclusions on his/her own.

5. Last, If you absolutely HAVE to contact an ex for your own peace of passive aggressive! Tell a mutual friend or their parents (someone close to them that you were close to during your relationship) that you have several things of your ex's and you really need to get rid of them because it's not helping you "move on" when you keep seeing all their belongings everywhere. Tell them it hurts too much....tell them you don't want to throw the things away, but they need to go! You can ask them what they suggest you do with it, most likely they tell you to mail it, drop it off or something like that, but ASK for their opinion, that way it's their idea!....It doesn't matter how you get rid of the stuff ot even if you do actually get rid of it...the point is this creates an OPPORTUNITY for you ex to contact you.......Oh and always keep one important item....just in case you need an excuse to contact them again LATER..

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