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Anythings Possible

Anything is possible, love over the net can be amazing, if anything it shows more love that its not just lust but that you do care enough for that person to wait for them, im with my internet boyfriend, i love him with all my heart, he makes me feel amazing..many people have said it will never work, you will always get skeptics who wont understand or think its silly, but really any loves possible so ignore their comments, sometimes you may or may not get support but when you do accept it, you and your lover only need eachother, their all thats important sometimes, My Sam means the world too me and has made me so happy..and even though we've had some rough times..many and even lost all hope..this will happen no relationship is perfect but if you have that moment after being away from them and the whole world feels like its crashing around you, try and get them back, do your best and keep them, make them trust them you care, me and Sam broke up once..i felt like my heart had lost a big chunk out of it..i never want to feel like that again but as soon as we got back together i felt so happy again, knowing he missed me as much as i missed up, trust is important in a have to have faith and believe for it too work, never give up no matter how hard things get. I will never leave my Sam, He's my shineing star, my everything, one day i will be with him..whether its next year or the year after or even longer i'll wait for as long as it takes...we may be young, but our loves strong, we wont let the world bring us down so dont let it bring you down either, keep strong..and believe in yourself and especialy your partner.
Thank you.


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