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You Reap What You Sow

My ex and i were only dating for 4 months up until our break-up earlier this month. Our relationship was far from perfect, we argued often, but i was willing to give it a shot (in hopes of changing him, i suppose. which of course we all know is impossible). We had our ups and downs and i think we jumped the gun too soon and wanted too much too fast. To make a long, oh-too-familiar story short, he called it quits saying that "it's impossible" "our personalities clash" "i would be happier with someone else" **yes, he really told me this people** and would often accuse me of cheating and lying. I had to CONSTANTLY "prove" my innocence to him (just for the record, i NEVER cheated on him and never even wanted to)
I should ALSO inform you that this man (who was so bent on commitment and trust in a relationship) was the very same one who ended up sleeping with another girl two days after one of our 'breakups' saying that he was drunk and that she forced herself on him. so i forgave him.
but something just wasnt right...
a few days after our most current break up, i learned the truth (from the girl who he slept with, who, by the way, i hold absolutely no grudge against especially since she had the balls to tell me and be honest unlike he was) HE was the one forcing himself on her and HE was the one who was attempting to two-time both of us into relationships. she was the smarter of the two of us and realized his game, confronted him and ignored him. i, of course, stuck by him and held my ridiculous false hopes of a happy life with him. In our angst against men, and hell hath NO fury like a woman (women) scorned, we proceeded to confront him. together. and tell him what we really thought. it was one of the most empowering moments i've ever felt. he was caught in a lie and couldnt get out.
now of course, after the initial blast of his character and all of our laughter... i felt a strange regret. not that i wanted him back, but that i know im a better person than him and that if i really was going to get my point across of how bad he hurt me, i was going to have to forgive him. that's right. i did not call. i sent him a very simple message that i forgive him and that although i dont want to see him again, i wish him happiness in life.
and honestly i do. because i know, that there are stronger forces in this world than those of humans and that in this life you can only reap what you sow.

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