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Jealousy and Envy

Building Self Esteem :
Got Jealousy? ...Causes constant fighting?

You don't want to lose him? You're afraid he's going to leave you for her? What is he doing with his friends while I'm not there? Why isn't he answering his phone when he's with his friends? He's going to a party...and I can't go...why can't he just stay with me?

If you think like this, you are a jealous person. Jealousy is caused by nothing but your own insecurities. When you're jealous, you are soooo insecure about yourself (your looks, the way you act, the way you feel or he feels about you) and your relationship (his love for you, thinking he's always cheating and doing all the things you don't want him doing)...half the time, it ain't even worth the fight. Take it from me, i've been in over 20 relationships and am currently in one now. I must say, the jealousy doesnt start in the beginning, only because everything goes so smooth in the beginning. but as it progresses, people get more n more frustrated with the other person over one thing they don't approve of, then half the time they lose the person over false accusations and misunderstanding...

Look, there's an old saying "If you love someone, set him free..if he comes back to you, it was meant to be...if he doesn't, he was never yours at all" ...if he wants to go to a party, tell him "ill see ya when you get back." and then u go out n do whatever u want (as long as it isn't breaking anything in the relationship). if he's with friends, let him be. if his friends bring other girls around him, but your boyfriend always devotes himself to you and treats you right...then yanno what, let him do what he wants! If he's not answering his phone, maybe he's just busy with the guys. just like us girls having girls days out, guys spend their quality time with just eachother too. it's a guy thing. and no matter wat guy u meet, any guy is gonna check out girls. hell, my dad still does and he's in his 2nd marriage with 6 kids. guys look at girls and find them attractive....they won't tell you, but they really do. but if you're the one he's with, there's the difference. even tho he checks out girls he'll never be with, ur the one girl he checks out who actually has him...and that happened because he loves you.

DO NOT show your jealousy to him. That will make him hide things from you cuz he's so scared. If you just let him be, have faith, trust him, and still be the loving girlfriend that he knew when you two first met, then you'll slowly overcome the jealousy and you'll really win him over, then things will become more precious for the both of me, i speak from experience!! give your relationship a secure feeling.

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