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What is love? I thought I felt this way when I met him. He was so nice. So amazing. He always had something nice to say to me. It was at that period of time when boys still wrote letters. He wrote me one. He asked me to be his girlfriend.

I swear I was the happiest girl in the world. I remember that he was my first kiss. I thought it as amazing. We were in school and we would ask to use the bathroom everyday so we can sneak off and meet each other to kiss, hug, and chat.

Later, I started seeing something different in him. Another girl in my class started asking to use the bathroom everyday too. What he didn`t know as that was my friend. I began talking to her and she told me that they would go to their secret spot (MY secret spot!) and kiss, chat, and hug. I didn`t mean to be mean. But in my head I was like, he is cheating on me with an ugly girl!

Well, I asked to use the bathroom and met up with him. I asked him, are you cheating on me with this girl? He said no. I didn`t belive him. I started yelling. You only like her for her ass! She`s ugly! Why would you do that to me? He said so, I said you don`t care that your cheating on me? You don`t care that my feelings are hurt? You don`t care. Well he never cared.

I cried for weeks. But I realized, he used me for something. Maybe he needed my kisses, hugs, love, caring? But he used me. He used the other girl for her butt.

But for some reason I still have feelings for this guy. It`s been 3 years, we haven`t spoke since. I found him on facebook but he`s not accepting my request. Who cares. Now I`m OVER him! I moved on,finally.. I am free!


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