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Forever Didn't Last Long

I met him at a church function. And I thought he was different. We didn't talk for a few months but in November we started really talking. We liked each other -a lot-. The only downside is he lives 2 hours away. But we still tried anyways. He'd come visit me on the weekends whenever he could.

But one weekend he went to a church dance where he lived. He told me that he flirted with another girl and felt really stupid. From that moment on, things weren't the same. Eventually, he was going to leave me because he wanted to see other people to make sure I was "The One" and hearing that hurts. And yet he didn't leave me.

About a month or so later, he became distant and wanted nothing to do with me. I told him that this wasn't fair to me and we kind of ended mutually.

But now when we do talk on those rare occasions, he says how he messed up and ruined the best thing ever. I'll be attending college out where he lives and he wants another chance once I move closer. He just doesn't know what to do for this "in-between" time. I admit that I am talking to someone. But I was looking at his profile on a website and there was a girl who had posted to it and said she had a crush on him literally a week after the breakup and it seemed like he could give two craps about me.

I miss him but I'm completely confused. And the reasons why we broke up aren't even clear to me. So I guess I won't know until I move....


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