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Best friend or backstabber?

It started when i moved to my new school in 10th grade. I was the shy type and didnt really know or talk to anyone. My first class of the day was math support, with him. every once in a while id catch him glancing at me from his work. well over the next few months i started to come out my shell, started talking more in class to people around me, and we started talking. i didnt have a cellphone so its really the only time i got to talk to him. thats around when me and my {ex} best friend became friends. we were ALWAYS together. as months passed he and i got closer, and we started wlking around the school camput together more often. i had gotten a cell for my birthday and given him number and my friend my number. what i didnt realize is they were also "friends" at the time. our connection instantly clicked, it felt amazing. he sooned asked me to be his girlfriend, and i said yes. just like me and my friend. we were never apart, so it was always the 3 of us together plus a couple of others. at first i thought the relationship was amazing, i couldnt have asked for better. then around our 3 or 4 month it took a turn for the worst. we started fighting constantly, always accussing the other of soemthing, there was never any trust because of my past. i started staying at home more often adn seperating myself from the people i loved and cherished just to make him happy. but nothing worked, his parents and family hated me, and so did his best friend. we broke up around the end of our 6th month for 2 weeks, it was sort of an agreed break, but it turned into more. he started talking to my friend more often and even admitted to likin her. i wass devistatd. all i could do was cry, my friend stayed a weekend with me and at the time she didnt know he liked her. i wanted to tell her so bad, but was afraid of what would happen. i told him, to go for it. that if we were constantly fighting like we had been , that we never needed to be together anyhow. when he told her, i totally lost my mind. i begged for him to come back, constantly, i would send him atleast 6 page texts explainging how i felt with him gone. i wasd at my locker in school a day, and saw them walk past me, i had turned to go after her, to confront her to see if she even cared how i felt. but i was held back by friends, bc they knew i would her. when i was let go, i swung around and hit a locker. he finally showed up out of no where to my house one day after school and we talked face to face and he had said he had been heartbroken the whole time we werent together. he told her that he just wanted to be friends, and ended it between them. i wanted him back so bad, my heart was saying yes while my head was saying no. i took him back adn we contunued dating for 2 or so more months, then the fighting started up again but this time it was over little things like the mistakes id make that day or something i had said. it left me begging for him to just stop and give up. on May 17, 2011. he left, no questions, no answers, claimed that his parents forced him , bc they didnt exactly know that we had gotten back together. i never belived it. he asked her out on May 29, 2011 and to this day they are still together,nine months later, im still caught up in what i had with him. of course ive dated since then but nothin has ever been the same. i wish i could just sometimes call him up and atleast ask him how he is. me and her still talk fromm time to time, heck we still laugh together at times. but i will NEVER trust anyone like that ever again. oh he texted the other day. asked how i was doing, we talked, we joked. it feels good knowing we get along after all this time, without the fighting we had. i still get butterflys when i see his name appeared on my phone. i dont think i will ever forget him, hes keeper<3


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