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He sold me out.

i met this at work in same dept as me. we started going out tell me everything i wanted to hear. but in at work it opposite dont talk me dont even look at me it kinda hurt soemtime. when i text him he never respond. i was the one alway texting him. he only text me when he wanted pick me up. then next day at work completely ignore me. tell me cant talk to me because doesnt wanted get in trouble but at work he talk to every females except for me. he even tease them. me no. im started to think he ashame of me even coworkers didnt like me obvious was because they jealous he believe them over me. so i finally left him alone. didnt text him he did same. later four month he text me i fell for his story then dump me again then 4 weeks later took me out one time that it now at work he sticking his finger at me treating me mean at work trying to embarass me there. what made me stop texting him was when i was try to call job to call out he answer it and scream on phone embarassing me like he trying to prove to somebody he dont like me i text him one last time told him no reason for him to treat me this way no one think he like me. i stop textinghim for good. now when he see me at work he stick middle finger at me. i dont know why. i stop texting him. thought he be relief. at work i soemtime cry cant help dont understand why he had see me last time then dumped me again. now i have see his face at work. by the way he is sleeping with everybody at job in that dept.


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