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My boyfriend cheat on me after

My bf once have a girlfriend that nearly became his fiancee. But then they broke up.He said it is because she cheated on him ( the girl practically drag her new bf in front of him). Or so he said.. I don't know whether to trust him or not because right NOW he is cheating on ME.

After he broke up, a day or two we hook up, but only for couple of days and i asked for the break up because of my feeling of insecure. But he said no and told me that we just 'taking a break' not break up. And surely enough we got back together. On the first day we got back together, a sms appear on my phone using his number saying "This is his wife, what do you want from him?". I apologized and another sms appear : "haha, it's my cousin. He just pranking you".
I trust him and we sms the whole day. But the weird thing is he only sms me after about 30 min or even 5 hours after i sent him a sms. I ask him about it, he just simply said he was busy.. then there is also the day where he completely ignore my sms, or replied in midnight only. Two days ago there is another sms, saying that he already have wife.That person was really furious with me.. He told me it was his friend.
But then,today i asked him "are you busy?" he replied "How many times should i say that his married? For god sake don't trust his word anymore. his married to ME and he just deny it."

I don't know who to trust anymore,just because I have never experience a real love. How can he play my feeling like that? But, in the end I'm the stupid one to trust him with my whole heart.


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