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a different dumhead

This storie's quite different. An idiot i met up with. this person i had the time of my life with..a perfect one month together..and suddenly the guy's like..no i..yes people thats it.."no..i"...rumours go on about us..all the time. like all the time. we both are quite known at our place. and its like he wants me back..some others say he's deep in love with someone else..i want to belive he cheated me. i really do. but i cant..no matter howmuch i try. it just aint happening. i cant do it. :( ..i guess thats how much he changed me..he made me love him more when he left me..it took a lot to get over him. and he for a year now i havent seen him. and i dont kno how he feels. calling him is desperate. and anything else which includes me going to meet him.and its been a year. i have changed so much. he has changed so much.i dont know what's going on his mind and neither of whats in mine. its still a mess. though its been a year..i hate him. but then..i might take him back too. the situation is pathetic. me? in a stage were i am not even intrestd in flriting or anything else..stuck.life sucks sometimes..dosent it?


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