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*sigh*   so, my tale begins a little over 2 years ago.

I was in high school, and my best friend, who also happened to be my next door neighbor,  (we'll call him bob) and bob's friend (we'll say jim) were over at my house for a cook out before school started.  well, my whole family was there, and so was bob's family. at around 9 pm all the parents and all other 'kids' went in except myself, jim, and bob. we stayed outside just hanging out, talking, and occasionally throwing the frisbee around until the early morning hours.  after I went in for the night, I couldn't stop thinking about jim. my feelings for him only became stronger over the next few weeks, and then I found out that we would be attending the same school that fall, along with bob. after school started, jim and I only got closer, and my attraction to him got stronger. we started dating, and we were the school's "hot new couple" of the year. we went EVERYWHERE together. unfortunately we had no classes together, but he would walk me to all my classes and even ditched his friends at lunch to be with me and my friends. we lasted until just before christmas, and then he ended it between us. OVER TEXT MESSAGE! I was so heartbroken I couldn't even be mad at him at the time. later, I found out that he dumped me for his ex. he wouldn't even look at me anymore.  I was so hurt, but I soon found myself hating him, and his new girl. I started doing anything and everything to get his attention. I dated his best friends, I wore slutty clothes (very out of character for me). I did everything. then, I got ahold of a guy who was that kind of guy every girl secretly wanted, but he was so shy and quiet no one ever approached him, well, I did, and I got him. this got jim's attention big time. after 2 weeks with new guy, he was talking about sex (not my style so soon in a relationship) and I broke up with him. soon after this jim and his girl broke up, and I thought I would get my second chance. but before I knew it he was with the school's biggest slut. it was like he stomped on my heart. I couldn't take it. I took up writing, and I started writing songs and poetry about jim. well, a "friend" got ahold of one of my poems, and she showed jim, trying "to make him see how hurt i was". as soon as he finished reading it he started laughing and said that he didn't care how I felt, and that he never did. almost 2 years later, I still ache over him, even though I shouldn't. he's joining the marines in june, and I'm terrified for his safety. it's terrible, but I do still love him. <\3


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