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Forever was a Lie

I started datin my guy friend in june.all my friends said he wouldnt hurt me. and i've been hurt from alot of guys. so at first datin him was a lil weird since we've been friends for so long.but i started to really like him and we made eachother happy.but after about a week my friend told me he was cheatin on me. when i confronted him about it he denied it. so we stayed together. and his friend, (that my friend told me he was cheatin with) seemed flirty around him and i knew she liked him. it was obvious. but he told me they were just friends. after a few more days, he dumped me and told me he was sick of bein accused for cheatin. and started datin a girl a few days after the breakup. it hurt me to see them together.Once, i accdently ran into them kissin, he saw me. i ran off. he didnt follow. i miss him. he hurt me. i told him about every guy that ever hurt me. but he still choose to just leave me like that. i gave him everything. i loved him. now i miss him like hell. i wish all the time i just kept my mouth shut and said nothing about his "girl mates" hitting on him.


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