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Clueless and baffled

So i dated a girl off and on for about a year almost two years. we broke up during the summer before college. she told me that i cared for her way more than she cared for me. I lost my cool, im a VERY laid back guy and dont get mad usually. i said some things that i didnt mean that hurt her bad...i apologised soon after.... three weeks into college i visit her college and we hang out a little and talk, two days after she texts me and says how much she missed me and going away to college made her realize what she wants..me... so we talk and eventually date...for FOUR DAYS!! She broke up with me because she "cant do it" basically she doesnt want to be tied down in the best years of her life..... we dont talk for a month and im completely baffled,, she later tells a friend that the reason why we broke up is because she started to think about what i said to her and how much it hurt her and how she couldnt even look at me,,, (she blocked me on facebook) another month goes by and she randomly texts me and wants hang out.. so we did... had a great time alot of laughter and fun talked bout good memories with eachother and so on..... dont talk again for a while and i asked her to go to a concert for her bday (i pay for everything) she doesnt really say yes or no just kinda like maybb blah blah.,,, same day i ask her if shes coming home from college and she said shes going to another college for the weekend. i asked why and she said for another guy....... OUCH felt like a got kicked in the balls,,,,

I REALLLLLY care for this girl.... not to be cocky or anything but im a realllly good guy... everybody even alot of her friends say that i can do better but all i want is her.

I made one mistake.... one

i plan on joining the military next year and to be honest its because im running away from her... i cant stop thinking bout her... and when i dont think bout her... people talk to me about her.... (i live in a small town)

i know this was long and i thank everybody that has read this

clueless and baffled


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