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MY 1st love,1st bf,1st EX! BU

I MET this guy wen i was 18 he was 20 at our same work,
he courted me for 1 year that time im 20 and he's turning 23,

he was my 1st bf and i found it hard coz i dont know how to work things out like (saying ilove u,, AND KISSES),,

at our 7th monthsary(unforgettable) we went at the bar and drunk, he and i are exhausted and "high".. he suggested to take me home but i refused coz my parents might see me that way i'm afraid..

then i let him He did the honor HE TOOK ME TO THE MOTEL HAHAHHAHAAH!

at tHE motel,,
yes im drunk but i just testing this guy if he will get the chance for this....
while im sleeping he started kissing me through my hands and jump on top of me kissing my lips badly.....

and that"s it...
in that moment i've realized how much i like this guy...
IMAGINEd HE HAD AN EX in 7years they're doing the sh&t things like(sex)BEFORE TOo hahahaah but he did not do the same thing to me

.he had a chance but still he choose to respect me.. :)

we've been in 1year 1month relationship,,
we broke up coz of small 1 thing
" noTIME "
things falls apart quickly,,,
he love me i love him but we cant do the same things as much as we want to,,,

now its been 4mos since we broke up,,


"u never had my toottt BOY!!!"



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