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22 years of control

I guess I was slow on the uptake. I didn't understand the warning signs that my wife was a abuser controller. After years of being denied my side of the family, of being threatened to have my personal belongings destroyed if I didn't give her the results she wanted....I started to lose interest in her in bed. I thought it was me. I tried E.D. pills but they didn't work. When i tried to perform and couldn't I got "the look". It was an instant bad time. Soon we were not much more than roommates.

Facebook, the killer of marriages! I found my high school sweetheart ....All I wanted to do was to share that I was a grandpa, that I still remembered her after 30 years. She was doing okay. She was a grandmother. Before long, we just enjoyed each other's company chatting. We found out that we had a lot in common...to include long marriages that seemed stale at best and horrible at worst.

One day I couldn't hold back my feelings for this woman any longer. Every time I got on the computer with her, I just felt so insanely good, god it's so hard to describe. She was everything to my heart that my miserable wife was not. I told her: "I never stopped loving you" after thirty years of no contact with her.

So, almost a year later, I have left my wife, who is being treated for a mean case of bipolar sickness, and I live away from her. I have kept in almost constant contact with my love. It's not easy, her husband is on watch. I know I can never want another woman. I have many good reasons why. I can't tell all of them. She is all I think about. Baby, if you just happen to read this, I LOVE YOU JUST THE WAY YOU ARE. I love you for YOU! And I will wait for you!


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