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fight or flight

ok so iv'e been dating this guy for 2 yrs goin on 3, and we've been through sooo much. our relationship started out of no where n went really fast we fell in love way too quickly. then when i sign up to go to the army he decided to cheat i found out n wantd to break it off since they didnt have sex he thought it was harmless and begged..BEGGED to get back with me and we did. after basic training he asked me to marry him and we moved in together and we started to fight all the time adn i suspected cheating as did he, he broke up with me right around xmas i fought to be with him and we got back together new years by the end of jan we were of again. i cant even really say why. i love the man with all of my being and i constantly try to get his attention by calling textn watever!. he comes around at times we laugh chill out have sex but it never lasts he always leaves and i feel the pain all over again. he suposedly has another girl and his bday is this wk i dont know whether to even call to say happy birthday. i feel like he loves me and i love him but we just cant make things work no matter how hard i want them to. just dont know what to do his friend says give it time my friends say let him go...love hurts


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