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Since junior high school in 2009 during the seventh grade, I realized that me and my ex are the same school. I felt so shy when I see him because I thought that we never saw or talk to each other again we broke up. Later on,I notice that he's in the same lunch period as me.He started hanging out with me and my friends. All of us was in a big circle talking. I tried to hide my face. My friend was looking at both at us. My other friend asks that "if I still in love with him." I told her "no." My ex didn't know what she was talking about. He said to me, "that he dosen't know me." I looked at him quick. My friend told him that it was me. He was surprised. He didn't remebered me the first time cause it was his first seeing me wearing glasses. Then after we started having cinversations. He was asking all these questions during the conversation. Then after that day, he started to stare at me. He kept staring at me and staring at me everyday now. When he stares at me, he doesn't smiles. Anywhere he sees me he stares at me. Then I realized that I'm still having feelings for him so much. The memories that we had together was romantic,and fun. We was together like for three years! Now everyday at lunch, he comes by me and my friends table. My friends thinks that I still like him. I had to keep lying to them that I don't lkke him. I want to tell them but, I don't know that I could trust them. When me and my friends was hanging out at lunch, I my ex and one of his freinds pass by. I heard that my ex was talking about me. He said, "You know the girl wearing light green." He told his friend when he pass. I was wearing my light green sweat shirt. He wasn't loud for saying that for me for hearing him. He said it low and little loud. Then it was the middle of November. Then I heard that my ex liked one of my best friends. She was thinking about going out with him, but she turned him down. I told her that me and my ex used to go out. She was shocked to hear that.

After New Years 2010, we came back to school after from our Christmas break. My birthday was coming up on January. It was already the middle of January and my b'day is coming the next day. The next day it was not going to be no school. Everybody said "Happy Almost Birthday" to me. Then my friend told me that he was happy to hear about my b'day. One of my freinds knows him too but,didn't know that time we was a couple before. She was shocked to hear that. She went over there quick and asked him. I saw them talking. I felt so shy when my friend asked him.

During March, me and my ex came very closes. When he came sitting at our table he kept staring at me. when I talk to him he glares into my eyes. Sometimes he starts touching my hair. When he's not around one of my friends ask if I stil like my ex. I had to lie to her and said "no." then the next day she asked me the same question. Then she kept asking me those pasts days. Few days later during lunch while it was a rainy day, my friends just wonder that they see me and my ex are very close. But, they want to know something else. They all was looking at me suspiciously. I heard all of them was talking about me and my ex ever had you know...sex. But, I"m telling you. We didn't have sex. Me and my ex were very close that we were actually a couple again. To be honest I mostly enjoy that!

Continuing in Junior High.

I moved on to eighth grade. I saw my ex once over the summer. He was leaning on his car with his sister. He was going to softball practice. We both live arcoss the street from each other. Me and my little brother came from the supermarket. I saw so nervous to see him. When we passed by him, he kept staring at me. We didn't even said hi to each other. When it was the first day of school, my class and I went to the auditorium. When I walked in the auditorium, I saw my ex staring at me. When I took a seat, my ex kept turning around and staring at me every two minutes while our principal was still talking. My friend in my class saw him stared at me. I asked my friend, "Didn't you saw my ex staring at me?" "Yes. He kept turning around. He still likes you?" my friend asks. "I think so." I say. I still felt the same way as him. Actually I turned kind of obsessed. These few past months me and my ex haven't talk. He kept staring at me like always.

Jaunary 2011, we still didn't talked. It was my b'day. Me and my best friend went to our lockers. I looked at the corner of my eyes and I saw my ex staring at me. Then when him and his friend started to walk, my ex bumped me. I look at him and saying "What's good with him." When it was the ending of January, I caught up with my friend. She was walking with her BF and my ex. When I was done talking to my friend, I walk away to walk with my other friend. Then I overheard my ex telling my friend's BF that we used to be a couple. He was shocked to hear that too. "For real that's your ex girlfriend?" My freind BF asked. "Yes. That's his ex girlfriend!" my friend yelled. "Oh sh&t." I say to myself. I was nervous,shocked and my heart was racing. Then my friend's BF asked "If we ever had sex?" "Yes. Kind of. Maybe." my ex says. My friend was so shock for hearing that. She asked, "Did I ever had sex with my ex?" I said, "no." My ex stared at me. Then it was past Febuary. Then March, I heard there a rumor about me. My friend rushed and told me there was about me and my ex. The rumor started that my ex has a girlfriend and she's in the eighth grade. My ex really likes her. That girlfriend was me. But, me and my ex aren't going out. I was thinking that it my ex who started that rumor. Were both are in diffrent classes, but we have the same math class at the same period. During math class, he kept staring at me any second. I looked at the corner of my eye and I see him doing that. Then Spring Break I was texting my friend. She told me that she saw my ex. and my ex told her that we are going out. I was really surprise to hear that. On the last day of school before we graduate out of Junior High, my ex started talking to me. He was giving me a compilment. He made my day.

Now were in the same highschool. We haven't talked yet. But, he still stares at me. Today at lunch. It was me and my friends sitting at our table. Then these bunch of boys that we knoe came to our table. My ex was one of them. He sat next to me and staring at me. But, we didn't talk. If was giving me and my friends all compilments. He kept staring at me. Sometimes I just hope that me and my ex just talk about this situation that we have. I also hope we get along great. This is my "ex tale." Sorry it was long. Thank you


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