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3 timing perv

Last year I dated a guy, he wasn't my usual type but he seemed very nice and sweet so when he asked me out I said yes. We went out on/off for about 2 months (he'd not contact me for days at a time should've been a sign) then he mentioned about being "offical" which I agreed to. About a week later we was at my mother's house (I was minding it whilst she was on holiday) cuddling on the sofa and watching a DVD. He excused himself to go the bathroom and was in there for 20 mins (he claimed he was so long as he couldn't find the toilet paper). A few days later he confessed the real reason why he was so long in the bathroom, whilst he was up there he went through the wash basket and stole a pair of knickers (panties) as a " souvenir" thinking they belonged to me. When I pointed out that I hadn't been putting any of my laundry in the basket in the bathroom and that they must've been my mum's he just laughed. This was just too weird for me and I finished it. A few months later I found out that he'd been seeing two other women at the same time.


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