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This time it was worse

Me and my ex have known each other now for about 4 years. We have dated off and on for about 3 years. I first met him when I was 16 but wasnt allowed to date him till I turned 17 so on my 17th birthday he asked me out! And we did really good. Then my house caught on fire so I moved in with him. And thats where I made a really big mistake. He started becoming really possesive. He didnt let me hang out with ne of my friends. And he really was changing for the worst. I wasnt allowed to go ne where. Well we broke up in June, and I didnt think that me and him would ever go back out so I moved on.
Well about around November of this year he came back and he was the sweetest guy, he was so nice and he let me do what I wanted to do and it was all good. Then he moved in with me at my dads house, and it was pretty good. Well him and my sister didnt get along at all so then me and my ex moved back out to his parents house...Well thats where I went wrong again. This time it was worse. I never left the house unless he was with me . He didnt want me around my friends and my parents this time, he always put me down and it really sucked!!! Well then he got an apartment. well I went to Indiana and spent some time with my family. Well when I got back he dumped me again.
Whar really sucks is that its going on again and I just really am tired of it so I aint going back to him!!!


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