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I actually loved this guy. But we took a break for certain reasons. He was great to me and everything. He almost seemed perfect. Almost a year and still no sex. I just had trust issues and was waiting. I felt like he was playing with me so I didn't want to give my virginity up to him. During our break we went to the carnival/rodeo and I took a bar. All I remember was goin back to his apartment, messed around a little and I woke up naked next to him & a condom right next to him. We've gotten to mess around a lil but I always said no. It felt like something in a movie. I woke up confused. He knew how much that meant to me. He claims he took a bar too but I don't believe him because he's said things more than I remember. Worst feeling ever! I cried for days. I mean I don't care if it was bad or good, I would've preferred to remember it. He made me feel so shitty the next day. And then found out he was talking to other females on Facebook. I became suicidal because if it. To him it meant nothin which makes me think that's all he wanted. It pisses me off that after that I STILL managed to talk to him after that. My self-esteem has lowered because of that. I feel like I had no morals nor respect for myself.


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