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Mobile - ending love

I was broken hearted with my BF.In a dinner date he annouced already to our friends that he's going to marry me soon...his family new about the news they don't want him to marry my nationality they let him go to another country without informing him, just to be away from me, he loves me so much and he really wants to marry me,I cried every night thinking why he leave me, then one time, I recieved an overseas call and it's him!!! I cried and asked him why??? my brother invited me to visit his place and when I reached here they cancelled my visa there so I cant go back there...he cried that i felt he cant breath of crying, we both cried everytime he called me... since then he always call me with unending crying... I've noticed one friend always beside me keeping me ok evrytime I cried, he always beside me, so sweet, innocent and caring this is what i saw...but everybody dont like him for me, my friends and family... I don't know but he loves me and i think his serious, one time my boyfriend called and he said let me talk to him, I gave the phone to him and he said " could you stop calling her?" then he closed the phone. my BF called back and shouted at him who are you to tell me that??? he answered she is my Gilfriend so stop calling her! If you love her come and take her!!! then he closed the line again,... then we started talking each other so I leave the phone and not aswering my BF again,...My friend become more closer to me but i still don't love him but he help me eased the pain ....another but, I still love my ex-BF until now, if we end our love story by the mobile hoping to start again by mobile too. with another but... Im married with my friend with two kids now.


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