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8 year old girl's heart crush

It was the start of school holidays and I was going out with my next door neighbour. Let's call him MUFFIN for privacy reasons. I was sitting on the trampoline with my best friend and I was talking to MUFFIN over the fence. Suddenly it starts to rain but me, my best friend and MUFFIN were still outside talking. Then MUFFIN said to me " I dont want to go out with you anymore I want to go out with her!" while he was pointing at my best friend. Of course she said yes because we both liked him. I ran into the house crying while the ends of my dress were covered in mud. I ran into my room and slammed the door. I screamed and hid under my bed for 3 days and my foster parent couldn't find me so she thought I was at a friends house. Even though I was starving I didn't feel like moving. After the third day I came out of my room and my foster parent grounded me for a month. I walked over to my now Ex-Boyfriends house and saw that my best friend walked out of the door crying. I asked her what was going on and she told me that he broke up with her. I walked in his house and ran into his room and slapped him across the face and said, " I got over the fact you broke up with me even though we went out for 2 years but for you to breake my Best friends heart after 3 days is just stupid!" after 1 month we became friends again until my foster sister ,MUFFIN and I played seven minutes in heaven we got back together but this time I broke up with him after 3 days exactly so he knew how much it hurts. He kept on asking me out over and over again and everytime I said NO. After 2 more years of foster care I moved back with my mum.

I am now 13 with a new Boyfriend that I have been going out with for 3 months and he is the best boyfriend in the world. I recently took a train with my boyfriend to go visit my EX- foster parent and MUFFIN. My Ex- Foster parents were not home but MUFFIN was so my boyfriend and I went to see MUFFIN's dad because he was so nice to me when I was younger. As my boyfriend and I walked out of the house we saw MUFFIN and my boyfriend went up to him and said, " How dare you be such a dicknob to her?" I ran up to my boyfriend and grabbed his wrist but he kissed me and said to MUFFIN, "You screwed up and you made her so insecure about herself. You will never know what it is like to hold my world ever again because I love her and you will never take that away from me!" " whatever" MUFFIN replied.

The moral to my story is always be strong no matter what!


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