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Valentine's Day Massacre

This guy and I had started dating in December of '08, he asked me out while I was in Disney World watching the Fantasmic show.. it was so romantic.. We were the perfect couple, sure we had little arguments and such.. but never anything big enough to really do any damage. We had been dating for a year and 2 months when Our second Valentine's Day together rolled around, and we had a ton of fun watching movies and cuddling. Until that night, he and I had both been virgins.. That was our first and last time having sex.. I didn't like it and neither did he.. however, we continued dating and he spoiled me by bringing me to Big Day Out in the Summer before my senior year (his sophomore year- I graduated a year early), It was great. We listened to his favorite band, A7X and i even sang along to his favorite songs... December 23rd 2010, He proposed to me and I said yes!! We were so excited and planning our wedding for Spring of the following year. But, I had started working at a local Pet Shelter with a friend of a friend during Winter Break, the guy put the moves on me and even kissed me!! I pushed him away from me and slapped him and wouldn't go back to the Shelter.. I told my fiance about what had happened that night and he was all ready to go kick some butt except i wouldn't let him.. I don't like the idea of violence.. But anyways, he agreed not to do anything and I agreed to stay away from the other guy.. Well, the other guy started messaging me and harassing me, he kept spreading rumors about me and him having sex and so on and so forth.. I was so upset but I didn't tell my fiance because i didn't want to get him more mad.. the harassing and rumors continued into January then February and on Valentine's Day (our last one together)I went on his laptop just before my mom came to get me because I still couldn't drive at this point yet.. I went on facebook to post pictures of he and I and change my status to "had an amazing night with my baby :* ♥". Apparently i forgot to log back out and my fiance went through all my messages and found the other guy's harassing messages... He believed the guy's rumors and dumped me via text message that night... Valentine's Day... My life was ruined that day....


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