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I let you go,but i want you ba

I am only twelve,but I know what love is! Well I have this friend that i have known since second grade. He has always liked me I could tell,because he would flirt with me,and wanna come over to his friend's house that lives right down the street from me. So I thought about liking him back. I always was around him rather than most boys from school. I had my BFF ask him out for me,and he said no because he didnt think I was serious. Him and I were texting one night,and we got into an argument,and I stopped texting him. He knew I was super mad at him. Later on after he knew I cooled off,he texted me and said, "I'm sorry that i called you that stuff." Like five minutes later I said, "prove it to me!" that same very minute he texted right back, "Will you be my girlfriend?" Then I texted him back as fast as i could, "yes,of course!!!" We were finally dating! After seven,eight months he kept asking for,"pics." And of course i said no. He never stopped asking me,and it was making me mad. so the nineth month i got sick ofit. So I dumped him,and i regret it. If i wouldve asked him to stop,he wouldve. So when I tell him i still like him,he said im full of crap. I dint know what to do about it. I REALLY want him back.


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