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Heartless Love

Words of a heartless lover always hurts, scars, gives wounds that have to heal over time. A man that never cared, never a thought or consideration of the other. Never once showed nor was a thank you ever heard. A careless whisper from a careless man means nothing. A man that always vowed to love & be there lied, the lies that spill from a heartless mans mouth with no care in the world of anywho or anyone he hurts. Like fire they burn when found untrue..questioned to speak the truth..denied..more lies spill then his mouth & lips are filled with lies & lies that torment the soul of someone who loved him so, but he shows no remorse for his careless acts of unkindness & being untrue, for it is himself who he hurts the most, his heart lies at the bottom of the abyss cold & lonely always searching for another heart to devour a heart to tell his lies to as he scars & never tries to mend the heart of anyone who loves him or tries to show it. A man without compassion, love, trust, dependable norhappiness. Only lust, pain, heartache, lies & deceitfulness is all you'll get from this man once his mission is accomplished he moves on with no thought or pain or pity for the one he just hurt. His love is a lie, his words are lies, all he can give is lies. A blackheart full of lies he will only give. His heart continues to lie at the bottom of the abyss if you choose to accept your heart will too turn black, cold & lonely..the path you chose to his will lead to nothing but tears......


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