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my short relationship and fir

I went to my bestfriends sister's 17th birthday party which was soo much fun lots of people and drinks :)there was music out the back and i went up to my friends room to go see her and there were other people as well but half way through the party some people left but i stayed and slept over at my besties house. There was this guy i didnt really know him but he was really drunk and he keept hanging out with me and he asked me to hide his beers for him and he said if i do he would hook up with me and i said its alright cause i was trying to play hard to get then i was on my own and i walked past him and he pointed at me with his friend and he said to me come give me a hug and i said ok and we hugged for ages and then his ex was all over him but he rejected her and told her to go away and later on i told my friend and i then asked who liked and hes like not telling and then i asked is it someone in this room and he said maybee and then he ended up leaving but his mate ended up staying and sleeping on the floor of my friends room and we stayed up talking and and i told his mate i liked him and he said you should ask him out and thats where the story starts. After a while i started talking and i asked if he like me and hes like yes and at first i thought he was joking but he was serious so then i waited awhile for him to ask me out but he didnt so i asked him and hes like YES!!! so yea we went out he asked me the next night to go to a pub and i said i was underage and he said so am i but i couldnt go and i told him i was 13 and he is 16 now 17 and he said i dont mind and then a few days later someone said he was going to dump me and i called him and he said no at first i heard all his mates say to just tell her and then he said are you 13 and im like yeah.. and hes like well your to young and i said i told you my age and you said you dont re. So we broke up it only lasted a week which is really short and it was my first realationship but he said can we still be friends and we didnt talk after that for awhie and i loved him so much i couldnt stop thinking about him and i became obsessive and then we started talking again just casualy on fb but then we stared saying ur cute etc.. and we now want to meet up and then i found out he want to have sex (dtf) and then i was freaking out because i havent even kissed a guy so then i annoyed one of my mates because i wanted him to talk to him for me but then i ended up doing it myself. I rwant to get back with him because i was so happy with him and i currently get bullied at school and some reason it all stoped but then it started again. My best friend wasnt to happy about this because he is older andit was her sisters friend and she thought he is ugly but idc i love him im gunna try my hardest to get him back and hopefully we will be back together but i saw him awhile ago and my friend set us up and he keept trying to come in the room and my friend told him to go away but it was really awkward and we didnt even talk but i want to see him again and he wants to see me but i dont want it to be awkward and i also dont want him to not wanna see me again i want him to go back and say to him self omgcant belive she likes me and i cant belive i dumped her shes so fken hot im gunna ask her back out. I just want this one thing to actually go right i will have to see what happens :S


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