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first love of mine

i was 1st year highskul dt tym he startd courting me,unfortunately i was told by my parents to finish 1st studying.so he aceptd it and told me dt he's still wiling to wait for me.
2nd year highskul,he still courted and agen n agen wat he had receivd was purely rejections from me but still he was vry determined to get and own my heart.
3rd year highskul still waitng n wanting me,n gues wat he nvr courtd any girl evr in his life,of course i was vry overwhelmed. dn practice for the promenade came,my partner was one of his freinds,but wen the day of the prom came,i was vry surprise wen he held my hand vry proudly and acompanied me inside the hall.which mens that he will be my escort all through the nyt.i nvr knew that my friends and his friends alredy arranged a set-up wer he wud agen propose,.but i was so stupd stil biliving wat my parents told me "studies first",so i rejected him agen.all the girls in our skul envied me,bcos i hd a suitor which is vry persistent n devoted.
4th year highskul,our last year exactly,n finnally on july 27th he proposed agen n wid no hesitations i answerd him.:),.,dn after dt day,evrything was vry magical,more colorful,much happier espcially when he is just beside me,i nvr kep our relationshp secret in fact i told my parents about us n dey want my bf to come to our house,n den d moment he met my parents,i think i was the lucky girl in the world for my parents n him wer "ngkapalagayn ng loob",.
our 1st monsary came,he give me a teddy bear,i alwz wanted,we treatd it as our baby,.:).
but dn 1 week after our 1st monsary,my family and i will transfer in oder place,vry far away from him bcoz of family problems,i hd no choice but to tell hm that im gonna be away for a long tym.he rily cried nfront of me which breaks my heart slowly.,so we rily cherished our last weeks togedr,der wer joys n tears,.,
dn one day b4 our departure,he went to our house n bid his gubyes,gving his final words n our first kiss!.,
our departure came,i was vry down n during the travel tears r flowing rapidly from my eyes,til we came to d place.i dont care how do i luk,all i want s to go bak,in his arms,but i cnt.,
we lastd for 6 months as long distance relaionshp,yes indeed vry hard,full of longing,temptations r evry wer but we rily resist it ol biliving dt distance s not an obstacle for our to last,,.i joined a pagent n i won,i dedcate dt pageant to him.but the evning after dt momentous event,i received a text from him saying sorry for all the mistakes he hd made,n me i was vry surprised for all his sms.dn wen i read the 2nd message coming from him,these r the exact words,"mahal,im sory,i was temptd.she was a girl from der town,.,omg! i was vry stunned wn he said."ill try to resist this feling evn if it hurts me bcoz i know that losing you wud be mor painful..i was very confused wat to do,so i ask cool-off from him,he understnd it,,.i asked GOD,ano ba naging pgkukulang ko?bnigay ko lahat,ano pa ba ang kailangan niya??.,,den after two days from his texts we decided to end our relationshp.
i know it be vry vry painful n dificult but i had to do it,coz i know its for the best 4 the both of us.he told me dt,"wag mo icpn na kya kta pnkwalan dhil ndi n kta mahal,bagkus isipin mo pnkwaln kta kc mahal n mahal kta at ayaw kong msaktan at umiyak ka sa piling ko".,
untill now wer good freinds,stil thinking that,"if we rily are meant for each other,then we will be in each other's arm agen,where evr we r now n agen ready to take the risks n trials over and over again..
my 1st love was my ultimate crush,my first kiss,hug,my evrything,n he was my 1st boyfriend.untill now i hd not yet fully recoverd,but im doing fine:)


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