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I met my first bf when I was in 3rd year HS. Let's just call him Mr. simple.He's the one who always made me smile everytime I'm feelin blue when I saw my crush flirting with someone else. I never expected that Mr. simple would court me, I thought that was just one of his prank because he used to make fun of me. He did took it seriously, he actually courted me then I realized that I started liking him. He became my bf when we're both in our 4th year in high school that time I was a bit confused of what am I feeling for him since I can still feel this so called "kilig" when I'm with my crush. Our first four months of being together is actually not that clear, we even don't act as friend but instead a strangers. He started avoiding me and so I am. Just then I realized that I really like Mr. Simple and when the time I've realized that He initiated to split up with me. I can really feel the pain in me. Couple of months later he came back and proposed to me again, since then we've been together for 11 months just like all normal couples we also encountered problems when we were together, Off and on relationship. But with that 11 months It seems that I have more feelings for him than him to me. I feel like I am the one whose only chasing him though we were together. I feel so stupid, embarassed of what I am doing but then I still did not care even the whole world keeps on telling me na huwag magpadala sa emotion. But I still neglected those, I've been so transparent.I showed him how much I love him. But when I decided, I mean Ive been obliged to finish my studies abroad to prepare for my future and so I could help my family. He who cannot bear the long distance relationship decided to end up our relationship. I was so hurt, and I needed someone to cry on but there's no one. I am in so much pain and it's killing me. Couple of months passed by since our break up but here I am still not yet over him. Especially when I knew that now He already has his new and knowing how much inlove the both of them shattered my world. It gives me so much pain and heartaches. No matter how hard I try to forget him, I just can't. No matter how many times I've been telling myself to move on, but still I'm still holding on to nothing. Ijust hope I could forget him and find someone new in the future who'll love me whole heartedly.


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