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Hi.Im 17 and till date iv had the worst Love Life a teenager can have. Recently when i entered my grade 11 i started having a crush on this gjuy from grade 12. He would often just go staring at me,in the cafeteria and smile but we never conversed much. Months passed till i finaly asked someone to atleast arrange a small chat session with him. It happened as as i came to know more bout him i found out hes really nice. His ex had dumped him 2 weeks back and he was heartbroken and stuff. He was from another country and after grade 12 he was going back. We got talking for the next 2-3 days and then he started behaving like he liked me too. As you know trhen we started dating and we were quiet happy though many of my friends told me he wasnt a good guy i wasnt bothered. I was sure he wouldnt hurt me
On the 14 of march 2011 he dumped me for his ex, he said he realised he still loves her. I was speechless cuz alot went on between us. Im not sure what to do, cuz if it gets out then my Rep as well as my dads is down the drain. Im pretty popular in college so im not sure if it'l stay down or not. He leaves tommorow and im here facing the mess.


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