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I'd been single for sometime, enjoying the night life; having a fantastic time. I was dating somwhere around 4 guys at the time i met my ex. He came in from left field, swept me off my feet and took me on the fairytale dream romance ride for about 6 months. He said i love you first, he said he wanted to be serious first, he also asked me to marry him. I said yes to all of these things because i loved him. He was the most amazing guy, always making me laugh, kept me busy; and let me tell you; bedtime was my favorite time ;p We ended up house sit'n 3 kids for the weekend together. The thought of that life being his scared him so much, he ended the engagement, completely stopped talking to me and so i figured it was over. I get back on the dating scene, and guess who shows up drunk following me.. ME EX. He ran off three guys before i had to put him "firmly" in his place. I love him to this day, but i knw it will never work, because when a man gives a woman a ring and promises to love her for the rest of his life, it means something to us.


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