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Trust is the proof of Love

So ive been with this guy (lets call him J) for 8 months, i left my home, my job, and my friends to go out to where he lived(4 hrs away) to be with him bc he didnt want a long distance relationship, if i hadnt had left that wouldve been the end of us. but i was in love with him and i didnt want to one day say 'what if' so i took the chance and risk and came out here. It was perfect, being able to see this person i love as much as i wanted and trying something new, it was a rush. but like all good things that come to an end so did we. we started fighting because he didnt like me talking to guys, so i deleted them off my facebook after we had a huge fight about it. but only bc he had said thth after i regained his trust he would delete the girls i didnt like... stupid me. i know.
so then one night after drinking i take his phone, see txts and pictures of other girls. i was crushed. but i stayed with him bc i loved him. but i think thats when the trust ended. after tht i doubted him. & he began looking thru my phone, my fb msgs and this caused all sort of problems for both of us because now we both didnt trust the other person. & its a losing battle, to be with someone when their is no trust. doubt is always there. you start making assumptiong and that the termites of any relationships. so here we are trying to stick it out when theres nothing left to fight for anymore. im tired of all the fighting, ive stuvk it out with him. apologized for fights tht werent mine, looked the other way when i saw things i didnt like, kept quiet when i should have spoken out and now this is the last straw. you see he saw a pic comment on a hot guys page tht said "love your shades! i also agree with the girl above me tht you look like chris brown" and he flipped. his mad tht i added a guy i dont know so he went and added an ex tht i know he had strong feelings for once upon a time... that was my broken point. it opened up my eyes tht he is not who i think him to be and no matter what i do he will never be. i am worth so much more than what he has been offering me, he 22 living with his mom, jobless and doesnt do anything to help his situation but he complains and whines all the time, ive looked past it, dnt jugde him but this is it. he added his ex and tht only proves he isnt the one. his wasting my time and i need to find someone who isnt going to play little kid sh*t like that. he says his so mature and he loves me so. but that right there just proved that he doesnt love me. not the way i want him to. he always did say "you can never be worse only better" well jordan, this is ME doin better than You!!! im done with you and this pointless relationship!!! =D


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