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I met my ex when i was 19. She was 16 and a bit, pretty, thin, brunette, green eyes. Definitely appealed to me!
We had some great times together, as young couples do! However i did enjoy the drink, and as the months crept by my addiction was growing stronger.
I also was into the drugs at the same time. However i kept most of this a secret from my gf and her family, i had a good job for my age and seemed to be doin OK.
I was with my gf for 2 years, and it all started to unravel. I was caught kissing another female in a night club, so she did the same to me.
I stole alcohol from her parents home, I treated her like rubbish at times, blinded by my own dumbness. I lost my job, I love my license, involved with the police..I remember sayin to her, I cant lose you. Your my angel on earth, If i love you I have nothing. She promised she never would.
Her parents hated me, Her brothers hated me, Her friends hated me. I deserved that. I still remember the call. I was sitting out the backyard having a smoke, She called me and said she had to end it.
For the next number of months i was shattered, drinking,crying and wanting her. I would call, only to be told its over again.
She was moving on, going clubbing. It was a true case of you dont know what u have til u lose it (my eyes are still glazing over now, years after)
I was 22, on the street now, drinking cheap wine,metho taking drugs. I couldnt even afford money for a refuge. I still remember the emotions, of sittin on a park bench just thinking of her and remembering the good times, and hating that i had lost it.
At 22 2-4 mnths after breaking up, i went into a rehab facility for drug and alcohol addiction. It was tough. Very! Friday, Saturday nights thinking of her getting ready to go out single, whilst im sitting in a rehab room...alone..
I always thought of her, shed many tears. After two and a half years in total, i graduated rehab! I was clean and sober.
My ex had heard i had got clean, and whilst i was in town visiting my mum i saw her at the shops, i said hello and walked to my car (that was a great feeling for me)
I live four hours from home. I didnt return as i was afraid i could fall back into the old surroundings.
I have a beautiful friendly wonderful new girlfriend...But after all these years, i still cant forget about my ex. I hear songs i think of her...
Not long ago we chatted on msn, and randomly she said her fav song at the moment is called PS Im still not over you by Rhiannon. Why would she tell me that? Is that a sign.
I know all things point to avoid my ex, it just wouldnt work. I know that.
I also dont want to stuff things up with my current gf, cos i know how upset a break up can be. BUT how come i cant forget my ex!!??? I look at her pics on facebook, i think of her all the time, why?
its been years since we have been together, but i still feel the heart ache and im over it!


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