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I hate him but not as much as I love him

i was friends with a group of lads i first got to know when i was 12 the lads were older than us and i always had a soft spot for one H his name was. anyway as we grew up everyone went their seperate ways and most of the lads have now got kids.H started seeing Marie when we was 16 and she got pregnant with their son.they stayed together for a few years after he was born but split up about a year ago.anyways to cut a long story short i ended up getting with him even thogh everyone warned me he was going to get back with marie as he was over her.he had me tricked into believing he hated her and that his attention was on me and him.we was going together for 9 months but not officially we spent every weekend together and i really did fall in love with him.anyway just after christmas not long since he left my ouse he rang me and told me me and him was over and that he was getting back with marie. i was gutted i couldnt eat or sleep.Then the next week he rang me and came to my house asking for another chance slept with me and then rang me the next day and did the same he did before. i hate him but not as much as i love him.all i can do is learn from whats happend to me and not trust noone


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