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okay... i started datin this girl when i was 12 we was together for 4 months but i got into some trouble and had to go away for 9 months while in the mean time this girl (i though was the love of my life) was cheatin on me with my bestfriend. when i came home we was still "together" but i didnt know she was seeing my bestfriend but when i wont outt like i didnt know what to do well we set down and talked about it and while we was talking abut she i asked "why did you do it with my bestfriend" and just outt of nowhere she=started goin on a rampage and was throwing stuff screaming and cussing and she punched me 5 times in the face. well i forgave her and went back to her. mothns went on by and everything felt alright we was gettin along no blow ups no cheating no hitting well on our year and 8 months anniversary we got into a fight cuz i didnt by her m7ms (lol it was funny) but she started throwing the stuff i got her toke a knife to the stuffed dog i got her. well we broke up for like 3 weeks well we started talking again well we got back together (dumbest mistake evr). well after that we was fine till my 14th birthday. she made my birthday the worst evr. she was mad cuz i didnt get chocalte ice cream for MY F*KIN BIRTHDAY. well she beat the sh*t outt of me i had to go to the doctor a gett 9 stitches under my eye cuz she through a coffe cup at me. well i forgave her. and then we toke a break from each other for about 2 mothns but we still talked but evrygirl i talked to in the halls at lunch i txted or anything my ex would just go off on them well i got tried of it. and we got back togther and on our 3 years aversry i walked in on her and my cousin havin sex. and thats when i was done (i though with her) me and my cousin no longer talk me and her had the longest talk evr (really we talked for 14 hours aboutt her crazy f*kin *ss). well i got back with her well i was stayin the night at a buddys house and when he went too sleep i was layin down watchin a movie and his phone keep goin off evry second. well i got tried of herein it. and i went too turn it down and i seen who it was from and it made my girlfriends first middle and last name. well (not a vry good friend)i went through them and read them and what i found broke my heart. she said that she was gunna break up with me and him and her was gunna get together and was gunna be togther forevr all that sh*t. well i forwarded all them message to my phone and i said something too her the nxt day. well she gott pissed and hit me cross the face with a shoe and beat the hell outt of me broke my ipod and my phone through my stuff out in the mud and stabed my nike tires. and just toke me too the lowest i evr have been. well i forgave her and we got backed together. and we was togther 4 years 23 days and on the day we broke up was the day i walked in on her sleepin with my brother and i went off. i through all her sh*t out (she was stayin with me)but it was the worst too years off my life. we broke up 4 months ago and the last 4 months is the best of my life. i am in a realtionship with an azming smart funny beatufil women and im pretty sure she nowhere like my crazy *ss ex. but yeahh i though i would just share this with the world lol.


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