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Feeling Worthless

Let's just same his name was Brian.
The first time i met Brian was when i walked into my history class last year on the very first day of school. i was sitting in my seat, hoping that i would at least know SOMEONE in that class. Brian walked in just as the bell had rung, and the only available seat was right behind me. i knew who he was, just as he knew who i was because of facebook.
throughout the year, we got to know each other and became really close as friends. we got along really well because we were both the funny type, although i was more shy then he was. the next school year, i ended up having him in my history class again! and i was really happy because we kinda started losing touch over the summer.
a few weeks into school we were starting to have real deep conversations. i was sitting next to him when he said, "ya know, i had the biggest crush on you last year" and then awkwardly laugh. shocked, i said "oh my gosh i had a crush on you too! why didn't you tell me!?" we both laughed and continued talking about this some more, i didn't know how he felt but i knew i was extremely happy.
after school that day, we were texting. he brought up the same conversation but this time he mentioned that he still had a crush on me. my heart started pounding, because i know i liked him. so i told him. and as a result, we started "talking." pretty soon we were walking down the halls holding hands. everything was perfect. he was an amazing guy. i remember our first kiss was at our school' homecomming football game. the next day was our dance and we went together, then went to my friends house after and cuddled. it was one of the best nights of my life, and he told me that too.
one day, i went home with him after school. this time, we did more than we usually did. clothes came off, i was on top of him sometimes, and other times he was on top of me. i almost lost my virginity to him. then i had to go home.
the next day at school he seemed different. i know i did to, because of course it would be a little awkward after all that we did. but i knew something else was wrong with him.
we didn't talk that day, or the next. then i heard that he was "only staying with me to prove to people that he can stay in a relationship" because he has been known to not be good with relationships.
after those couple of days, i texted him. (it was a sunday, so i wasn't with him. i would've told him in person if i was!) it said "Brian, you know i like you, a lot. but i'm not here for you to prove a point to people. if that's what you want to be doing then tell me. don't waste my time, please. i don't know what's been going on, but i want things to get better..whatever it is"
his reply "(my name), i like you alot. i really do. but things havent been the same after that day. i'm sorry but i just don't think we should be seeing each other anymore, i'm just not good with being in relationships, so i don't want to be in one."
that was like a slap in the face. because all this time he was telling me how much he really liked me, and even hinted one day that he was going to ask me out. how else was i supposed to feel about that?
a couple of months have gone by, and we hadn't spoken a word since the last conversation. yes it was super awkward in class, but i hated him. i did. he was so willing to risk our friendship in the first place....for what? so he could get what he wanted, then walk out? that's what made everything worse. feeling like he used me to get some, when i really liked him. so now, a few months later, i see him walking the halls, with his girlfriend.
so much for not wanting to be in a relationship, huh?
he's texted me once randomly saying he was sorry for what he did. and he didn't know why he ended things with me. and that he missed me. what made me mad when he did that was that he was still with his "girlfriend."

not only did he make me feel like crap, but seeing him everywhere at school just makes things so much harder. i miss him, yeah, i just wish we could at least be as close as friends as we used to be...that alone will make me happy. i wish i could take things back. not going as far as we did that one time...not giving in to his touch..staying bestfriends with him.
but when i think of him now, i think of the memories of us when we were talking, not good friends. so now i think about him a lot...too much. about us cuddling and kissing.
except now hes cuddling and kissing some other girl, not me.


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