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Me And My Ex Boyfriend Were Walking Together, And ThenI Stoped. He Asked Me "Are You Ok?" I Said "Yeah, Juss Wanted To Stop Real Fast" He Said "Ok"
So When We Was Walking, I Saw A Couple Of My Guy Friends.I To Say Hey(: But Then They Walked Away From Me And My Boyfriend! I Didnt Know What To Do So I Called Them.
When I Finially Got Home, I Called Them Again. (They Cousins) And So I Talked To Them, And ASked Them Why Did They Leave! One Of Them Said "Because We Need To Tell You The Truth.." I Said "Ok?"
After I Found The Fact That My Boyfriend,The One I Knew Since I Was In Kinder-Garden Was Juss Using Me For Sex.
I Couldnt Belive It!
I Asked Him If It Was True..
His Exact Words..
" I Love You, And I Did Use You.. But I Still Have Feelings For You And I Think Your The Most Beautifulest Girl In My .."
I Cut Him Off And Then Walked Away

My Advice Is That You Watch Your "lOVERS" Closly


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