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Is there such a thing a genuine love?

Ive been in a relationship with my dream guy for nine months now. At first i couldnt believe he was could be interested in me! we lived apart so most nights we'd talk for hours and send emails often. he even sent me love letters, like the old fashioned kind. we were doig so well until he had to leave for some training were you are not allowed contact outside the barracks for two months. i wrote him many letters adn sent him cute packages to help the training easier, for two months. i was so looking forward to seeing him at the end of this time, we had planned a week holiday together once the training had finished. well, he rings me a day after he gets home from training to tell me he is so sorry but he doesnt love me anymore, he met someone on course (who lives just as far away from him as me). The stupid thing is i still totally love him. his words in the letters he wrote, the cute emails, the phonecalls, even the beautiful book he made me, was any of it real? the few times we were together, when he treated me like a princess, was that just acting? love seems like too much of a risk. I thought i had the real thing, now i wonder is there such a thing as geniune love?


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