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Why Am I Being A Fool With Him

We'll me and My ex Boyfriend had gone out 1/1/10 but we broke up, I broke up with him cuz of his friends I didn't. Want him to get hurt. We got back together only for him to. Break up with me. I cried for so long but not to long he. Got a new gf and he never stopped talking to me but the. Crazy part is he was still into me we went a class trip And after that me and him went to the park and there we. Stated to make out and he I felt werid but I never stopped. I Just everything we was doing made me fall in love. with him even more. I would. Always love him but his to much of a flirt and I just want him. To be mines I miss him and I want him back but the sad. part is he has a gf but that didn't stopp him from making-out. with me and he almost got caught all he did was lied to his gf and stopped talking to me but I still have him wrap around my. me cuz he know I got what he wants till he will lose me idk. how he would find another girl like me cuz I know he loves me he just wants his girl friend to feel better about herself she thinks I'm trying to steal him away from her maybe I am. But idc he will always be mines in a way :)


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