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A huuuuuuge mistake.

Alright, so last June, i got together with a boy named Justin, he's 15 at the time, but anywaay... i went to elementary with him, then he found me on facebook and we started talking again. So, we decided that weekend we would see eachother.
For christmas he got me a gold necklace with a diamond and a pair of diamond earrings. January, on new years. We got in a fight because he had went and cheated on me with my BESTFRIEND
which suucked! then he sent me whatcha say by jason derulo. .....so she came over and told me about it.
then he came over, and we confronteed him.
We asked why he would do that, and he just cried he made a huge mistake.. and left.
i didnt talk to him until August, when he called and asked me to come to his house, so i did that day.
we talked and he apologized, and he kissed me.
he asked me out again, and i got scared and left. I walked right out of the door in tears when he asked me that.
So i walked down the road and called my mom, and she picked me up.
Then, January this year, He texted me saying "hey its justin im still really sorry i wish this didnt happen, friends ? " so i accepted. And we weere friends until i found out he just had a girlfriend , after we talked for 7 hours on the phone, i cried so hard.. he said " i think its reallly weird how we have this connection. its kinda like i still love u but im afraid too admit it"
I hated him for saying that. so i told him, i still loved him and i never let go , i needed him back.
Then we got in a fight, and we didnt talk.
just the other day he said i never want you back in my life so dont call me or text me. I dont know u anymore ok? k bye
so... last night he called me, and i was crying and shaking after reading over that text. He said stop crying baby, i cant hear you like this..

I sat there in tears, knowing were done.
But then he said, one more chance.
:) he made me really happy.
and until this day hes been the love of my life.
i love you justin.
oh and him and his gf broke up ;)


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