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when you left , you took my he

i Met Tyler on a website . i added him on accident the following day we talkdd' i was going to get my internet discconectd so i gave him my number i didnt think 2 about it at all . like days later on May 19 He called me late around 2 in the moring? crazy? ya i know but i picked up when i heard his voice my heart dropped i loved his voice , we talkd & talked for hours till the sun came up we talked about love life everything we had so much in common days . weeks months , pass by i slowly start to fall for him one day he said i cant i just like you alot i said me too we never reall yhad a date , but i loved him more & more as the days went by . months later we where tlaking to eachother on how i wish i could see you . Around AUGUST i was working he called me & said im in your town? i said your kidding? Nope not at all i went looking for him i left work without permission i saw him i saw my baby , my love My everything we shared hugs , kisses passionates times when he had to leave it broke my heart month went by i loved hym more i was madly in love like never before my world evolved around him ...(i got fired from work 4 leaving )January 1 : ring ring : Hello? hey baby : hey i was just calling you to tell u i love you : me : iloveyou too Click* JANUARY 3 , passed by january 10 passed by the whole month passed by NOTHING i didnt hear from him no text or calls. strange he wasnt like that Feb 1,2,3,4,5 passed still not a word
Dxmn Tyler you gave up on me so quick the love i shared for you was so special i love you with all my heart i really do ill keep loving you no matter i fight for what i love thats a promise i hope one day you well realise what u lost . i loved you like never before when you left you took my heart with you . ive loved you since the beging ill love you tell the end payaso may 19 2010
its hard to let you go not one day passes by with out me thinking about you. i want you back you left with out saying a word


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