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I had been holding on to a long distance relationship for about 6 months. I had to eventually let go because the distance became too much of a strain on me. A week later, I met someone at school and we started dating, it seemed so perfect at first. She had her own little quirks but they were cute. Little did I know she had some anger issues, and even if I said the littlest thing, it would set her off and she would leave me. My problem was that I had truly fallen for this girl, she had beauty and smarts... She was just emotionally unstable. So her anger want on and off for months. We were on and off for 4 months. Over Christmas break she finally realizes that she can't have a relationship with someone that makes her this angry and she also didn't want to be distracted during school, so we decided to take a long break to cool off and concentrate on school. Four days after we broke up, she started seeing one of my closer friends, I freaked out on her, she told me they were just friends but she liked him and that they might try dating. In general, she screwed with my mind and emotions for 4 months. And most recently, after I bluntly told her to never talk to me again after she attempted to build a friendship with me, she constantly messages me through friends and she continues to screw with my mind. I am now in a happy relationship with someone else, and it's perfect, my one fear is that my ex screwed with my mind so much that I may end up screwing this relationship up. The girl I'm with now, I have known her for 3 years. I've had a crush on her for 3 years, and I've wished for those 3 years that I could be with her. Now I'm with her and do not want to screw this up...


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