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is it me? is it yu? i dont kno

ok, so me and my ex-girlfriend ( ill call her keo ) went out for 6 1/2 month. seems pretty short right? forgot to mention 4 of the 6 months were long distance. she lived in vietnam and i lived in hawaii. everytime we had a arguement it usually wasnt 2 sided arguement, no it was her getting mad at me and me begging. we broke up and got back together at least 5 times. every single time something happens its always me on the floor begging and crying ( yea i know im disgrace to guys... my bad..). iv only gotten mad at her 3 times and all for good reasons. first time was becuz i wanted to hang out with her for a little so i called her and told her ( this is wen i was still in vietnam ) she said ok come over, so i came over and she takes me out of her house to this cafe where her friends are there, i was like alright its nothing big. we jus sat there talking for a little then i hear her friend say, oh they are comming down already we gotta go soon. i get pretty mad cuz considering i have to hide from my parents and take a taxi for 20 min to get to her house. its already hard for me to see her and shes jus gonna leave me for her friends? any guy would be mad. the second time, she got a tattoo. that jus made me soooooooo mad. i promised myself ever since i was young that i would never go out with a girl who has a tattoo and she lives in vietnam too so if the people there see it, she will be marked as 1. a trouble maker and 2. a target for the trouble maker boys. yu wanna know something even more stupid? instead of apologizing for getting it or saying im sorry or trying to make me feel better, she gets mad at ME. i was like wowww. and the third time. it wasnt long ago, jus a few days. usually wen yur going out with someone and yu know the other person hates someone, yu should hate them too right? well i hated this one 21 year old white boy who she didnt even meet in person, me and him argued over the internet and i told her to delete him off her flickr. but she kept him on, she didnt delete him, so she pretty much took his side over mine. wow.. yu dont know how hurt and mad i was . now aparently we are "Just Friends" but wat kind of friend is that? really? , and wen we were going out she never talks about her problems, or our problems. she jus locks everything up, she never tells me anything, we can never talk anything out and she is always so stubborn. thats why we always have problems but im always the one on my knee's in tears begging her. if i didnt beg her then we would have never got back together, even if she tells me she loves me. she would never beg me, not once did she ever say "sorry" to me... her reasoning doesnt make sense everytime we argue. even now shes making me more mad by giving guys her yahoo even after they told her they were "interested" in her. woooooooww. im not trying to act cocky or anything but aparently i have "player status and scraper status" i dont think i do but people tell me i do , but for a girl to be doing this to me, its kinda hard for me to believe... i cant believe how much i love her... even after all this... if she wants to come back i wouldnt even think about it.. i would give her anything and everything... but now i dont even think theres hope for us anymore... she jus wants to be friends... after 6 1/2 of me begging haha... i guess i cant do anything but wait and see how this turns out.. well thanks for reading my story.. i jus had to get this stuff off my chest.. and to those of yu who thinks this is annoyying or stupid or boring, im truely sorry i jus wanted to get it off my chest ><

-anh la cai gi trong tim em?
-anh se yeu em toi ngay anh chet, anh hua luon..
-co khi nao ma, em suy nghi toi anh kg?
-có khi nao ma, em sẽ làm bất cứ điều ǵ cho anh kg?
-co khi nao ma, em thay mat cua anh chung nao em mo kg?
-co khi nao ma, em yeu anh kg?
may cai nay anh cung kg biet nua ^^


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