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He is a hunter, in a bad way

Daily there is screaming, name calling, threats of violence that he is going to knock my teeth down my throat, he just threatened to kill me yesterday and coincidentally he was cleaning his rifle last night. I looked over at him. He had a smug on his face like that Jerod guy. I asked him, "Is that a threat?" He smiled as if he was glad that I noticed he had a threatening look on his face then he said, "No." I am going pig and critter hunting. He never goes hunting anymore. That b.s. I asked him am I one of those critters? He said, "No". There is no passion, no lust, no kindness, no protectiveness, no nothing. On his three day weekend that he gets once a month he stays gone on a so-called golf tournament. When he is off on Sunday He golfs and everytime it carries over into the night. He comes and goes as he pleases yet if I go to the mall he blows my phone up. He doesn't believe me. He accuses me of having an affair. I am so sick of this.


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